Finntastico, fundada por Antti Kangaslahti en 2008, es una dinámica e internacional agencia de branding, diseño y comunicación. Nosotros trabajamos para diseñar marcas que resulten claras, consistentes y atractivas.



Nuestros clientes son Organizaciones No Lucrativas, ONG's, asosiaciones, fundaciones y empresas. Hemos trabajdo con dos ONG's Finlandesas (CISV Finland y Arifu) y varias empresas (Radley Yeldar, Metso Corporation, Corporate Image, Dance Studio Funky y Your English Academy en Madrid).



Finntastico is founded on the belief that whether you are a charity wanting to raise your profile or a business in search of prosperity, the recipe for success is the same as on a personal level: build a healthy self-esteem and rest will flow from there. Consequently at Finntastico we focus on understanding who you and your audiences are, why you are valued, what makes you unique and where you're headed. Only then do we create brands that stand out from the crowd and engage your audience.

In-line with one of our core values, we keep our operations simplistic and straightforward. Our aim is that this will translate into affordable, yet high-quality services.



Throw in a bit of inspiring optimism and spice it up with some creativity. Shake and add a spoonful of responsiveness. Stir and finalize off with finest Finnish reliability mixed with Alvar Aalto style simplicity and Voilà! You’ve got the cocktail for success made from the Finntastico brand values.



To become known for designing clear, consistent and inspiring branding especially for those organisations and companies who aim to ‘do good’ for the society and environment.

Nuestra gente

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