Creación de una marca

Are you starting a business or a not-for-profit and need an oustanding brand identity? We can help you out, but first we'd like to know if you're able to articulate who you are and where you're headed.

At Finntastico we won't jump the gun by straight away starting to think options for your name or drawing sketches of your logo. That stuff comes much later. Instead we start building understanding of who you are, what your values are, who your audience is, what makes you unique and where you're headed.

Only when we have been able to identify your Unique Selling Proposition and articulate your values, vision and purpose, we move one to find you the most relevant name and slogan – and finally the right design for your visual identity that evokes the right feelings in your audience.


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Case study: Arifu

A group of Finnish friends wanted to start a charity to help the refugees of Kongo. The initial idea was to distribute malaria medicine. Finntastico was given the opportunity to build the charity brand from scratch and come up with the name, the slogan and the visual identity.

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