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Newspaper ad for CISV Finland

An advert designed to promote CISV Finland's upcoming programmes in 2010. It was published in Hufvudstadsbladet which is a Swedish-language newspaper in Finland. The headline in Swedish goes something along the lines: "Experience friendship and the world's diversity". Sounds more engaging in Swedish...

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Working with Radley Yeldar, London

September 21, 2009 - March 2010

In September 2009 I entered into a six-month partnership with the London-based marketing communications agency Radley Yeldar as part of a new EU pilot programme called Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

The programme is designed to provide new entrepreneurs the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills by spending time working with an experienced enterpreneur in another EU country.

Radley Yeldar is a London-based creative communications agency, with specialists in branding, corporate responsibility, corporate reporting, employee engagement, digital media, moving image, marketing communications and online investor relations. At Radley Yeldar I'm getting involved with a range of projects including:

_social media
_moving image
_corporate responsibility
_new business development



Magazine redesign: CISV Finland's members mag

Volunteer organization CISV Finland, a member organization of CISV International, publishes an annual members magazine. I was given the task of redesigning the content heavy magazine with a tight budget.

The project included
_design of new content structure
_renaming the magazine
_cover design around key theme (CISV's core values)

Download the magazine






Book cover design: The Debate on Turkey

The Debate on Turkey is a book by the Finnish author Aaretti Siitonen. The brief was to design a cover that would somehow illustrate the mixed emotions of Turkey's potential integration to the European Union.

Book cover design



Rebranding Children's International Summer Villages

CISV brand before


Before: a disparate and out-dated brand identity
Children's International Summer Villages was a global volunteer organization at cross-roads: it wanted to grow, but it didn't know how – or where. Hired as the Marketing and Project Manager to work on the project, I identified CISV's out-dated and disparate brand as the biggest obstacle to growth.

While members saw the organization as inclusive, engaging, enthusiastic, friendly and cooperative; externally it was seen as old-fashioned, stagnant, exclusive and only for children. In addition to the gap between internal and external perception, the visual image varied considerably from one country to another, which contributed to the fact that there was little shared understanding over CISV's values, vision and purpose.


After: a clearly defined verbal and visual identity and brand guidelines
A proposal was made to rebrand the 50-year-old organization – a substantial change for a volunteer-led organization steeped in tradition. A web site for the rebranding project was launched to engage CISV's internal membership in the process.

After extensive research for rediscovering the brand identity involving thousands (check out the stats here), lots of stakeholder communications, several focus groups – you name it – CISV's brand was updated. The name was changed to the abbreviation and the logo was modified with an addition of the slogan 'Building Global Friendship' to underpin the new global brand strategy.

The revised brand is now being implemented in over 60 countries worldwide based on the brand guidelines developed. It is on display at To check out how CISV countries around the world are now working according to the new brand guidelines, have a look at CISV Finland and, for example, CISV Spain.


The project included
_brand audit (visual and verbal)
_stakeholder interviews
_competitor audit
_articulation of values, vision and purpose
_primary market research
_internal brand engagement
_retouch of visual identity
_brand architecture
_brand guidelines



Project support and web design for Metso

Metso Corporation is a B2B-sector technology company well aware of the importance of branding in the global market place. The company recently refreshed its image after much research on Metso's identity and positioning and what they mean for its various audiences globally.

Metso's renewed brand is also reflected in the design of Metso websites rolling out during 2009. I was called in at the implementation stage to help prepare the web content for launch. I have also participated in the analysis and interpretation of feedback data from Metso's web site visitors.



Verbal identity: Arifu, faces of Africa

A group of Finnish friends wanted to start a charity to help the refugees of Kongo. The initial idea was to distribute malaria medicine. I helped the not-for-profit to identify its Unique Selling Proposition and find a name and and a slogan that would send out the right message.

Read more about the project



Brand communication: CISV Finland

Volunteer organization CISV Finland, a member organization of CISV International, needed to implement the NGO's updated global brand being rolled out. I helped CISV Finland to implement and launch the new brand strategy.

In addition to developing the content for the web site, the project included the application of the brand to a range of publicity materials, including post cards, posters, roll-ups and the redesign of a members magazine. The refreshed brand was launched at an annual board meeting in Helsinki where I made a presentation introducing CISV's newly discovered values, vision and purpose – and finally the new visual identity. See a sample of the presentation below.




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