Brand communication

If you already have everything in its place in terms of your brand identity and know what you want, it's time to make your presence known. While I can help you reach out, I can also ensure you're communicating effectively internally.

We can engage your audience by creating distinctive and consistent communications ranging from your printed materials to web sites. While I can help you reach out, let's also improve your internal communications. Your internal audience has a very different set of needs to those of your external audiences that should be taken in consideration when designing your communications.

When your audience is multicultural, it's also importan to ensure your brand functions cross-culturally. Especially when you need your brand to carry meaning across cultures, it's important that you know that the message you convey is the one you intended it to convey in the first place.


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Case study: CISV Finland

Volunteer organization CISV Finland, part of CISV International, needed to implement the NGO's updated global brand being rolled out. I helped implement and launch the new brand strategy.

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