Brand revitalization

If you want to grow but are not quite sure how – or where, it might be the time to take a new look at your company or not-for-profit as a brand.

Does it convey the desired values to your audience or is there a gap between the way you would like to be seen and the way you are currently perceived? Is your name and logo trying say so much so that you drown in the masses? More importantly, is there internal agreement over your values, vision and purpose?

I have the necessary experience from managing complex rebranding projects to help you redefine who you are and relaunch your not-for-profit or business as a brand that is aligned with your audience.


Why my not-for-profit needs it?

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Case study: CISV

Children's International Summer Villages (CISV) was a global volunteer organization at cross-roads: it wanted to grow, but it didn't know how – or where. A Knowledge Transfer Partnership between the charity and Newcastle University was set up to bring strategic innovation. Hired as the Marketing and Project Manager to work on the project (go to project web site), I identified CISV's out-dated and disparate brand as the biggest obstacle to growth. While members saw the organization as inclusive, engaging, enthusiastic, friendly and cooperative; externally it was seen as old-fashioned, stagnant, exclusive and only for children. In addition to the gap between internal and external perception, the visual image varied considerably from one country to another, which contributed to the fact that there was little shared understanding over CISV's values, vision and purpose.

A proposal was made to rebrand the 50-year-old organization – a substantial change for a volunteer-led organization steeped in tradition. A web site for the rebranding project was launched to engage CISV's internal membership in the process. After extensive research for rediscovering the brand identity involving thousands, lots of stakeholder communications, several focus groups – you name it – CISV's brand was updated. The name was changed to the abbreviation and the logo was modified with an addition of the slogan 'Building Global Friendship' to underpin the new global brand strategy. The revised brand is now being implemented in over 60 countries worldwide based on the brand guidelines developed. It is on display at