Brand communication in social media

Social media is changing the way we search, read and share ideas and information. Simultaneously it's dramatically changing the way the social enteprise, nonprofit or corporate brand managers could — and should be engaging their audiences.

When properly executed, a social media strategy can bring you closer to your audience — and vice versa. However, executed with the traditional advertising mindset it can, on the other hand, even lead to a disastrous PR scandal.

I can help you out in formulating and executing the best strategy for your organization. And it's certainly not enough just to create a Twitter or Facebook profile and hope for the best; in addition to having a strategy you need to do some training, allocate staff time to execute it all and build relationships through having a conversation with your fan-base.

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Food for though

While we believe it's crucial that your organization would start harnessing the power of social media, it's important also to do some thinking first. While the objectives remain much the same from a branding perspective, the new media calls for new ways of communicating. Read our blog for our 10 principles for getting started on Twitter or 8 tips for getting started on Facebook .