Project support

If your resources are stretched, Finntastico can be called upon to provide additional assistance to an ongoing project.

Sometimes a part of a project could be easily outsourced and would leave you more time to focus on the things that matter. Whether you need somebody to help you reformat your PowerPoint presentation, assist in market research or, for example, develop the content of your web site, Finntastico can help you.


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Support for Metso

Metso Corporation is a B2B-sector technology company well aware of the importance of branding in the global market place. The company recently refreshed its image after much research on Metso's identity and positioning and what they mean for its various audiences globally.

Metso's renewed brand is also reflected in the design of Metso websites rolling out during 2009. Finntastico was called in at the implementation stage to help prepare the web content for launch. Finntastico also participated in the analysis and interpretation of feedback data from Metso's web site visitors.